Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've Been Silent. Updates & Latest Work

I have not updated this blog since…well…what seems like forever. Since my Lazy-Ass-Cook rant. What happened there is that the Lazy-Ass-Cook ran completely out of food. Things kind of went downhill from there.

Now somewhat back-in-the-saddle, I need to start with some updates. My location is now Idaho Falls and will be until who-knows-when. I would say until hell freezes over, but it's still freezing here, and we're not going anywhere. Seriously, they're predicting a low of 26ºF by thursday!

I have been working diligently on keeping my Etsy store up-to-date and stocked as well as promoted. My "day job" is to assist BigAl in writing proposals for local businesses for new copier/printer machines.

I have just started back up on lampworking after a long hiatus of being off the torch since mid-October. It's good to be back and I have a custom order already. Here's some of my latest work. I just found out that I could make my regular iris orange raku do nice metallic things in the flame. I just had to try:

I was also just asked to try out a new tutorial written by a very good friend because she will be unleashing in on the public very, very soon. No spoilers here. Since here tutorials try to stretch one's creativity to its limits, I'm starting with bead selection. I can see right now that I can use inspiration from the work of Cassie Donlen to start this project. Cassie will use lots of stacked brightly-colored mini-beads to create one-of-a-kind jewelry. Here is some of her work.

And while my beads are a little lumpy, and not at all like Cassie's, I'm going to give it a go anyway. There will be more on this later as well as a link to said tutorial. The hardest part is selecting the beads.

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  1. Great beads, Rachelle. And Cassie Donlen rocks! regards Stefanie