Saturday, January 16, 2010

Procrastination: Or Why I Haven't Updated the Blog

Actually, I have made two attempts at updates. The first, got a little bit long, then I realized that I should have been taking photos to make the points more interesting. I was 3/4 finished when I had that idea, so it went on hold.

The second attempt was a full post with pictures. Took a lot of time to create. The app crashed while posting and I lost it all. Discouraging.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got Distracted by Sparkly Cats!

Leave it to Swarovski® to combine two of my favorite things, sparkly crystal and cats! I know that the Swarovski® House of Cats campaign was more of a 2009 thing, but being in a bus with absolutely no display space for anything, I have turned a blind eye to the collectibles market because I am, indeed, a “collector”.

Yes, I have been distracted in high-end malls by these sparkly kitties on display at the Swarkie stores, and their "reasonable" prices as far as collectibles go, but have exercised self-control to be proud of!

This darling Swarovski® promo crossed my inbox and I just wanted to share.

Ah, maybe someday…someday…