Friday, August 7, 2009

Twitter and LiveJournal are Down!

With Twitter under attack from who-knows what, I guess I can carry on as usual here while they get their servers back up to snuff.

Also, things are NOT looking good for LiveJournal. Blogger is all I have left!

Here is yesterday's journey on a map:

We so could not have made this trip doing
the original 700+ miles per day Big Al had planned. Just too damned hot and hard on the bus!

At least it isn't as hot in Flagstaff, but then our elevation is now well over 7,000 feet. It feels good. Nice!

Heh,heh…went into the truck stop to see what they ha d. I always do :-) Checked out some jewelry. I realize that they lock it up because it's sterling silver, but don't try to fool me into thinking it's turquoise when it's really dyed magnesite or howlite. C'mon!

Finally after I-don't-know-how-long we are back at the Church o'Pancakes, otherwise known as Cracker Barrel. Sure, we ate at CB last night, but that was dinner!

There's nothing quite like pecan pancakes!


Later, I drove the bus through Arizona into New Mexico. Some of the scenery is nice. No wonder they call it the "Painted Desert". I took some photos for bead color inspiration:

Spent some time in Thunderbird Supply in Gallup. Thought i'd spend a lot more than time. Got out of there with some fine silver bezel, chain, charms, a polishing glove, and copper tongs.

I worked on a jewelry project, more trial-and-error than anything. I thought I had it worked out but such was not the case.

I almost scrapped the whole project but then found a way to make it work. Not what I had originally planned, and not even using the same materials, we'll see what happens!

Blew through Albuquuerque this time. Big hill on the east side that is, as usual, best traveled at night to keep the bus cool.

Now ready for bed. Twitter is obviously still down. Haven't checked the news. Not getting any new follows. I have been off all day to keep tweets of my own from cluttering the ailing server.

But look…I'm still tweeting, even if it is on my blog and nobody is seeing it. Tried posting to LiveJournal but that's not working either. Oh well, goodnight!
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