Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here Comes the Rain Again...

Heavy rain has been predicted for Southern California for the next couple of weeks. I have seen the rain here before. It looks worse than it is. I remember looking out and saying, “I'm not walking to work in that!” But by the time I was ready for work, the rain would have stopped and the river flowing down the street would have receded and gone its merry way down the storm drain.

New year, new season, new RV park, new circumstances. Yesterday, January 18th, the raining had officially begun. Now I know why they call the place Anaheim Harbor.

The neighbors and the RV park manager wander around in the floodwaters. To the left out of the frame is the lowest point in the park as well as the storm drain and pump. Unfortunately with nearly a month's worth of rainfall in a couple of hours, the drain and pump could not keep up.

Yesterday's storm ended, the sun came out, and all was well…and wet. Nice and peaceful actually.

In Florida and Texas we had to pay extra for a lake view RV spot. Here it's included! The water had all drained off in a couple of hours and was gone completely by sundown.

Today was a different story. The rain began early and was steady throughout most of the day. The water level was much higher this time. I looked nervously across the way where the water level was rising on the Happy Hyundai II. I wondered if the doors were watertight. I was not looking forward to drying out carpets and floor mats! Also, notice the potted plant in the foreground, it's floating away!

Same situation in the other direction with the scooter. The water was creeping up. Neither one of us wanted to go out there. We don't own galoshes or any rain gear. We also know that this wasn't just rain water. In an RV park, all sewer drains are open. The draining water was bound to be mixed with raw sewage…ewww…yet another reason to worry about the car flooding!

 Just like yesterday, the sun came out and all was well. Today even included a rainbow. All was almost not well, however, there were tornado warnings for the area. Warning meaning a tornado had actually been seen. Wait, are we in Kansas, Arkansas, or Florida again? I'm not too alarmed by tornado warnings these days. Been there, done that. There's something about watching a tornado form in the clouds that is both spooky and mesmerizing at the same time.

The floodwaters are at peace once again. Well, for us anyway, they weren't getting any higher. To the poor neighbors that own the storage shed, maybe not so much peace. Not only is their washer and dryer in there, there were also stored items. Bummer. These water took forever to recede today. I thought for sure the pump and drain had quit working. I'm glad it stopped raining because I wasn't wading out in the pathogenic pond to get to the car, even if I was out of coffee. Well, for coffee I might risk it. Again the water was mostly gone just after sundown leaving me free to go to the grocery store. There was no water in the car, thankfully.

Tweet Me, Sweetheart!

From USA Today: Sweethearts candy adds a social-media message: Tweet Me.

A great combination of two of my favorite things, Twitter and sugar! The newest short phrases of "TWEET ME", "TEXT ME", and "LOVE BUG" (ala Jonas Brothers not the Disney Movie, USA Today was quick to point out).

Necco Wafers fans agree, the delightful cornstarch and sugar confection still has the same flavors like ‘lipstick’ and ‘Rolaids’, and remains the candy you love to give away—whether it be to send a personal message to someone special, or give away a chalky candy that you received altogether much of.

Interestingly enough, the article states that the phrase “BITE ME” was a fail last year, with it's tie-in to the Twilight movie. Apparently some sticks-in-the-mud complained that it was a bit too “sexually suggestive” this year they will probably pick on “TWEET ME” as well. Perhaps they themselves just need a good “BITE” or “TWEET” to help unwedge that stick.