Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's time to FLY!

This has been a rough couple of weeks. We have done an almost complete tear down and rebuild of the interior of the bus. Previously we had moved the bed from its original location in the back to the front and built an office/studio in the back. The new plans made us have to do the reverse.

We got an awesome deal on a Barudan 15-needle commercial embroidery machine. We have some really really BIG ideas! As artists with newly-acquired knowledge of the apparel industry we feel that we can use our talents in a very special niche market…but I digress…

The machine is fairly large and we knew that we would never get it into the back studio with the potty chamber, shower, and closet configuration. Among the three there is a sharp narrow zigzag turn that would be impossible to make with that size of machine table. What to do?

Well, we almost completely gutted the inside of the back studio and the front living area tearing them down to empty nothingness. The biggest thrill was putting carpet in the back area. The floor had been bare sheet lead for over a year since we removed the bed and the scary carpet reminiscent of our motHell management years. We always intended to put something else down until now.

Since I knew I would be beading and doing glass in the back area I didn't want a hard floor. I chose a grey commercial carpet courtesy of Lowe's. The room is small so off-the-roll carpet was kind of a waste at 12' (feet) wide, plus, I didn't want to cut it to size anyway. Really, the bed will be covering 90% of the surface anyway. Solution: 3-foot wide carpet runners cut in 10-foot lengths.

I need to mention that the floor is lined with lead to help reduce heat and noise because our "headboard" is really a box built to house a big-ass diesel engine. It can get hot in the back on the floor so adhesives were really out of the question. It would either get ooey-gooey or crunchy-wunchy. Solution: staple gun, and a hammer to smash the staples down really good. Yes, the staples show, but I lined them up using my best OCD skills. We called it "Frankencarpet" because of the "stitched together" look. But it's all good—the adhesive holding the carpet headliner on the ceiling got crunchy-wunchy and lost adhesion. I stapled that up too in a fine diamond-tuft pattern.

It was all looking pretty good. I got a new closet out of the deal so I can now find my clothes:

I have storage for my beads and tools as well as a really cool workbench, but that's for later because I can't get to either of them. As usual we were on a deadline and absolutely positively had to leave today to make it to Las Vegas in time for the big race weekend. Everything we took out of the bus during the remodel had to be put back in the bus. No time to organize or put away. The place is in complete chaos and I don't mind saying that it makes me feel a little bit claustrophobic!

I have been so down and depressed since the beginning of this remodel…so much work, and me with a really, really bad head/chest cold. It was pure misery. BigAl kept me hoppin' the whole time. Not a single moment for rest during the while time except for normal bedtime. I just sucked down TheraFlu and Dayquil and hoped for the energy to keep going. I was becoming overwhelmed very quickly, and depression was setting in. I knew I was in over my head this time and I needed help—Fast.

I knew right where to go. I needed a routine. I needed to take "baby steps" so I wouldn't get even more overwhelmed. I went to http://www.flylady.net where I had been years before but had not really committed myself to make it work. The plan is based on "baby steps" so as not to overwhelm the new "flybaby".

Baby step #1 is to "shine your sink" which seems odd with so much other stuff around in disarray. I was all for shining my sink…if I could find my sink, that is. I'm horrible about washing dishes, or in my case glasses & utensils. I never allow "foody" dishes to sit in the sink. That grosses me out.

So I haven't seen the bottom of my sink in a good 2-3 months, I think. I knew my shot glass and margarita shaker had to be down there somewhere also. I actually have a very small sink. It's actually a bar sink because I opted for a single sink and more counter space. It shouldn't have been that hard. It wasn't hard but it was very time consuming.

I found two tall juice glasses (I thought I only had one), my margarita shaker, my margarita glass, my ESPN Zone shot glass, and a whole bunch of stainless flatware. For the last little while I thought all my metal flatware had been disappearing. We have been using Dixie bowls/plates and plastic flatware from Wendy's for our at-home meals. In fact, I had a ton of plasticware. I will admit that I bought plasticware in lieu of washing the flatware that I already had and had "forgotten" about.

There is no excuse to be using and re-using plastic. Utensils when there is a full set of real metal flatware available. It took almost four hours to empty, wash, and put away that tiny bar sink full of utensils, misc food storage containers, lids, and barware…but it's done. I did it, put it all away and I'm just overwhelmed with the sense of accomplishment that one little act gave me. I really DID something that made a difference!

Now the challenge is to use my OCD for good and keep that sink empty and spotless after use and at all times. I will probably even remember to load and use the dishwasher too. I feel great and that was just one step for one day, my first day! I wonder what tomorrow's "baby step" task will be. I can't wait for tomorrow to find out. I am excited and motivated. The sooner I get my shit together, the sooner I can get back to creating, be it jewelry, embroidery or whatever!

Can I get a WOOT? Thanks, I gave myself one too!

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