Friday, July 16, 2010

Teva® Dozer Sandal Review

When I find a great product, I tend to replace it with the same product. I found these Teva® Dozer Sandals over a year ago and I'm shopping for a new pair, not because the old ones are worn out and useless, but because the older ones are just looking a little…well…worn.

I must not be a normal woman, I really hate shopping for shoes. I used to have a rather large shoe collection—not because I needed a shoe to match every handbag that matches every outfit, but because the shoes I bought were uncomfortable. My feet never enjoyed being crushed into a shape that the “Good Lord” did not intend—and I have never considered paying ridiculous amounts of money for a single pair of shoes that would do just that! Sorry Jimmy Choo. Shoes are an investment in my feet and my overall well-being. I also like to eat.

Last year I knew I'd be spending a lot of time on my feet, especially on race weekends. The "fashion" sneakers I had just weren't going to cut it. No cushion, no arch support, cute, but uncomfortable. I found myself in one of those large shoe warehouse stores looking for something better for my feet. I would never have considered these shoes because I have rather large feet and while display shoes look great in a 5, have the guy bring them out in a 10 and they look a bit…er…different. I tried them on as sort of a "dare" by the sales guy. I absolutely loved them! These shoes actually appeared to make my Olive Oyl feet appear smaller, (if that can be done)!

Besides making my feet look less “obvious”, the next factor I consider when buying a shoe is longevity. I don't want sandals with straps that break or pull out, I don't want the sole to start separating, and I don't want tearing to occur at any point in the shoe. I also want foot comfort. I don't want to spend the first week of wearing the shoe “toughening up” parts of my foot by enduring pain and blisters until my feet get used to them.

These shoes were perfect! I love sandals and comfy shoes so this hybrid was the perfect…er…fit.
Of course not a week out of the box I managed to step on a ketchup packet and, well…

They cleaned up very easily with a little water and a brush. They are, after all, made to get wet sometimes.

These shoes must have a million miles on them. I have worn them almost daily since March of 2009. There were times when I wore them for 12 to 16-hour work days, I have worn them for working out (walking/running), I have worn them all over Disneyland, and I am still wearing them today. As you can see, I have worn most of the sole nubbins flat and it looks like I have worn a hole clean through the sole. These shoes have been GREAT! I'm not going to fall for those thick-soled “fit” shoes…puh-leeze! I about fell over when I saw the price. At about half the cost of those fad shoes I can have another really great pair of daily-wear shoes and know I'm going to have comfort and style. Yes, I'm going for another pair of Teva® Dozer Sandals!