Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tweet Me, Sweetheart!

From USA Today: Sweethearts candy adds a social-media message: Tweet Me.

A great combination of two of my favorite things, Twitter and sugar! The newest short phrases of "TWEET ME", "TEXT ME", and "LOVE BUG" (ala Jonas Brothers not the Disney Movie, USA Today was quick to point out).

Necco Wafers fans agree, the delightful cornstarch and sugar confection still has the same flavors like ‘lipstick’ and ‘Rolaids’, and remains the candy you love to give away—whether it be to send a personal message to someone special, or give away a chalky candy that you received altogether much of.

Interestingly enough, the article states that the phrase “BITE ME” was a fail last year, with it's tie-in to the Twilight movie. Apparently some sticks-in-the-mud complained that it was a bit too “sexually suggestive” this year they will probably pick on “TWEET ME” as well. Perhaps they themselves just need a good “BITE” or “TWEET” to help unwedge that stick.

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