Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not One of Our Projects

Oh. My. God!

Sometimes I believe that I can be more creative than the average schmo, but there are times when someone else's creativity indisputably is the winner. I have spent many-a-night—before the sleeping pills take effect—thinking of creative uses for the Big Bad Barudan. This never entered my mind.

It is exactly what it looks like it is. Not in a million sleep-induced nights would I have even thought of doing this. It's pretty cool, tho' I would have had it say, “I like corn dogs” or “I love bacon”. I mean, is there anything quite as great as toilet paper? (well, bacon, but I could probably still survive without [shudder] bacon.)

This lovely creation comes from FlatOutFun's Etsy shop out of Astoria, Oregon. They'll embroider just about anything you like on a roll of the finest fluffy stuff just for you. Okay, I will to, but they have the logistics of the project already figured out so I defer to them…

FlatOutFun's Etsy Shop

They specialize in "fun" T.P. gag gifts like a roll for that special someone on that “1st (paper) anniversay”, or if you don't want to wait a whole year they have “Bride” and “Groom” T.P. roll sets. Other items of note are the “Emergency Roll”, imported “Lé Toilet PaPer Wee Wee”, and the always popular, always funny “Wipe Out”.

Check out FlatOutFun for embroidered T.P., but check with me if you need anything else embroidered. Remember, I do that too.

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