Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Realize That I Have no iIfe...but We Have Designs!

I have no life. But did I ever? Nothing new there. I have always been at work on one project or another. The difference is, when I'm self-directed I become distracted and often start a new project when I realize that it isn't going to be as perfect as I originally pictured it. Left to myself for motivation, I never ever get any project done.

Now that I'm working on a project in conjunction with Big Al, he pushes me to keep going—to keep going long after the novelty of the new project has worn off. At least we're starting off on "equal ground" with this one. He's new to the software, I'm new to the Big Bad Barudan. We both work along and learn at our own different paces.

I was hoping to get something of a "break" today. We needed to move on to the next design, for variety if nothing else, and we didn't have the thread colors needed to accomplish this. But that's okay. It's just a "stitch-out" to see where the errors are in the file, what can be changed, will the design fit within machine parameters, and overall what the finished piece might look like

So we have a devil-skull, now we have a pig-bulldog:
It's supposed to be a pig, a HOG to be exact. I didn't have any fleshtone thread, I didn't have any pink. I had multiple shades of grey. So this is a grey pig, not a bulldog.
But then, maybe it's a nice pinkish hog with a really bad case of the swine flu, eh? (yeah, a real groaner that one was)
Anyway, it really is an awesome design based upon two appliqué pieces with the rest being embroidery. I will be picking up the colors I need for the "real thing" on Monday.
Do I think I'm going to get a break tomorrow? Nope. There is a NEW file ready to be loaded in the Big Bad Barudan. It's the official Big Ass Dude logo. More on that later.
RIDE A (real) FAT BOY, revised.
I had Big Al move the "real" and insertion carat to the other side for "ride a" rather than the old version where it was implied that "real" was being inserted between the "F" and "A" characters. I also had him fatten up the stitching on the letters to make for a higher quality appliqué. I beleive that there will be something below this text on the shirt as well. Big Al was working on files today with a pig, a bear, and a beaver, E-I-E-I-O…

I just want a little time off and some rest.


  1. Time off, a rest, and maybe hang out with an old friend?

  2. Notice that I have no "ilfe", whatever that is 0_o

  3. The little arrow under the word "real" makes it look like it says "reaf" :)

  4. That's the camera. I'm lazy and use the iPhone. I'll check it though and make sure, but I think there's enough distance in real life.