Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Devil is wearing a Yarmulke!

After a freezing few days on the Utah Tundra, we are back in SoCal picking up where we left off. We ran the Big Bad Barudan right up until the moment we left. We were hoping to complete the latest design before we left so we could take it with us. No such luck. High stitch count, would have taken a few more hours.

We looked at the design and Big Al said, "Why is it doing that color?". Hey, it's a machine. Garbage in, garbage out. I said I programmed the color sequence exactly as he "told" me to. I had the color sequence written down as we were making changes. I asked him to VERIFY it. He did, but apparently missed something. NOT a big deal. I have figured out how to advance forward, backward, and pretty much get right back to exactly where and what color and/or stitch I need to be on…but I boogered up this time too. I can advance the machine and assign the proper color as long as I push the appropriate button once. I guess if I push the button twice it goes all the way back to stitch number one. The design was going well up until that point. It's messed up, too late to fix it, and worse, we had to go. So we spent the next 4 days trying to figure out what went wrong. Because we didn't have the machine we could only speculate.

All I had to do this morning was turn on the machine and look at what had happened. I messed up alright, It had begun again at the beginning but with the current color I had assigned. Now our devil is wearing a yarmulke or, more imaginatively, a do-rag.

The design is hopelessly messed up, but that's okay, it isn't a "live" item, still in "practice" mode. Rather than just bag the project I advanced to the last color, black to see if the outline would stitch okay and we could assess our possibility of using an applique for the background rather than some 70,000 stitches.

The best part is, that with every little mistake, I'm getting closer to mastery!

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