Friday, November 20, 2009

It's All About ASS Comfort!

We're heading back to the ol' busstead after an errand and Big Al makes a U-turn—I wasn't paying attention, I was probably tweeting from the iPhone or something—and we end up at a small furniture store. Big Al has been looking for a work chair for some time now. The old office chair, “kills my ass” and so did the folding chair, and the folding recliner, “sat back too far”. We looked at chairs, too big, too small, not sturdy enough, too expensive…

(Ahhhhh!) You could almost hear the angelic choir as a golden beam came down from the sky and shone on this chair. Not too big, not too small, brand new, and a decent price. New furniture is great although, personally, I hate shopping for it. Worse than shopping for it is getting it home. Have I mentioned that we have a Hyundai sedan? WTF are we going to do with that chair now? Well, he left me inside with the crazy Chinese owner who had to tell me about the whole business, his great prices, and, “Tell all your friends to come here, I give them good deal!” Because he brings in whole containers of “Good stuff from China". (cringe)

I finally broke away from the conversation to go outside to this:

Notice the camo ratchet strap holding it all in. This is how the trunk of the LAST Hyundai got dented. They were so excited that the back came off the chair so they could get it in there better (cringing again). Anyway, it's HIS chair. It isn't leather, it's fabric. The ratchet strap had grease on it from being behind the bus on the scooter or something. Now that grease is part of the chair. But it's HIS chair, I have to keep reminding myself. We waved goodbye to the crazy Chinese guy and returned to the bus to work on our venture, this time in total ass comfort.

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