Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching Up, Still More Beads...

Lately I haven't been a really good time manager. I have spent more time futzing around on the 'puter than anything else. Plus, Big Al and I have started something of a walking routine where we pick a Disney park and walk the inside perimeter. We found that his bad (reconstructed) knee is only good for about two miles. And I'm tring to cut waaaay back on sugar. The sugar withdrawals have left me very groggy, exhausted, and somewhat (more than usual) scatterbrained and unable to focus.

Anyway, more beads, I have listed a few. However, I sold all of my Itty-Bitty beads that I had listed on Art Fire. I have been working to replenish the inventory. I won't list it if I don't have it made. My Art Fire shop is pathetically empty!

First up, a set of bright jewel-tone color beads, available here: PCJ Set of 9 Aqua, Green, Purple, Lampwork Beads, Various Shapes, Sizes, SRA

I was experimenting with transparent colors over opaque colors. I start with a similar opaque color at the core and then "encase" that core in a clear color. Some get "decorated" with dots or whatever. The exception in this set is the second bead from the left. It is a transparent aqua cube, no opaque core. It really is pretty just like it is. I'm thinking a whole set of just transparent colored cubes, shimmering and glittering like a rainbow of ice.

The dark purple is an amethyst over periwinkle, the aqua is light aqua over turquoise, and the green is light grass green over yellow. These colors were inspired by an amazing work by Sarah Hornik called "Sarah's 12 Favorite Color Schemes and WHY they work" .

Next, a set that I almost "forgot" I had. It might be too late for Valentine's Day. My other pink/white/red set already sold some time ago. D'oh! My lack of focus may have cost me a sale. This set is available here: PCJ Set of 11 Red, White, Pink, Lampwork Beads, Various Shapes, Sizes, SRA .

The beads in this set were originally made up as part of the first set. I decided to split the set in two. This is the second set. I used medium red, white, light pink, transparent rose, and clear. As with the set above, I put in a lot of bumpy dots. There are some nice fat red disk spacers in this set too! :-D

And last, but not least, some interesting creamy-tan colored beads made with CIM (Creation is Messy) glass named Canyon de Chelly. Having actually been to Canyon de Chelly, I was hoping for a little more color variation when I worked with it. The color swirls ended up being much more subtle than I cared for, however, this is a very pretty glass and plays very well with other colors. In fact the other colors bring out the best in it. More of that to come later.

This glass is moderately expensive so I didn't want to let the rondelles that I had already made go to waste. I decided to pair them with some natural jasper beads that I had on hand. The dark reddish brown beads are a kind of red/mahogany jasper, and the buffalo is made of a "fancy jasper", at least that's what it was called when I bought it from Magpie Gemstones last year. (it and 26 other fine "fancy jasper" buffalo).

These beads are available as a set here: PCJ Earthy Lampwork Beads with Natural Jasper Buffalo Set, SRA .

That's about it for now. I was up until 2:00 a.m. making a big ol' bunch of Itty-Bitty beads, 72 of them, all different shades of luscious transparent purple...mmmmm...purple!

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