Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Beads, New Fun: Etching!

Not only do I love being crafty, I love playing with "dangerous" things (well, to a point).

I just got a big ol' bottle of acid etch for my glass beads and I must say, that stuff is expensive! It's probably a couple of bucks worth of ammonium biflouride, which sounds dangerous but is not as caustic as hydrofluoric acid. Therefore it goes without saying that the first warning on the label says "avoid contact with eyes and skin" (common sense, it's a caustic compound). Second warning on the label, "Do not taste..."

I'm thrilled to find that it comes in a 10-lb. bucket—just in case I get hungry! It's pretty expensive. I'm assuming that the cost of liability insurance is built right in.

What's really cool is that it makes shiny glass look like beach glass in about 5 minutes.

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