Friday, January 30, 2009

More Beads, a full SET. Here, and now gone.

Hey, I made a set! This is perfect for when my muse has ADD! I let my creativity run free making different sizes, shapes and textures.

I limit myself to "colors" only, otherwise my beads would NEVER match!

These beads are made from Moretti/Effetre light pastel pink, light red, and mmmmmm, rubino oro.

I felt like a dork when I made these. They will work great as a bracelet set. I was thinking as far as wirework was concerned, if I were doing these up as a piece of jewelry and using wire wrapping, I would use at least as large as 16-gauge wire for the base.

But in hindsight, I had used a 1/16" mandrel and the resulting bead, when finished, has a hole large enough for only an 18-gauge wire, or 1 milimeter. What WAS I thinking? In the future my sets should have holes big enough for 16-gauge wire. Sheesh.

Anyway, this lovely set has a new home along with a set of my sweet little itty-bitty beads in a pretty translucent pink.

I have mixed feelings about these little pink beads. I love the color (Moretti/Effetre opalino pink) but I achieve it by "striking" each bead in the flame until it is as pink as can be, then each bead is completely cooled and batch annealed at a later date.

I recently decided to to a "continuous or garage" anneal process where the beads go straight from the flame to the kiln without cooling down first. This affects the color, especially this "striking" color. I have not tried the "garage anneal" process on these pink beads. Maybe next time I'm at the torch I will give that a try to see what I get.

I also added another set of matte etched beads in a tangerine color. This is a nice light orange/apricot color or a nice dark yellow/apricot color. It's just a matter of individual perception of color. This color also changes according to the amount of heat applied and how much heating/cooling the bead goes through. It can come out anywhere from a dark yellow to a dark red. These beads are red in the flame when they are hot. I never did try striking them to see if I could get a deeper color. It never occurred to me to do so.

I think this color is called "red roof tile". Yeah, go figure. I have a bunch of it but every rod I have has no label. I dug through my stash to find one with the label and identify the color. I found one with the remainder of a label on it, but no printing was visible. Damn. I love this bold color! I guess it is a Moretti/Effetre oddlot color.

Oh, and GREEN, too! Like apple green or lime green. Moretti/Effetre calls it "light grass green". I'm sorry, but if your grass is this color, it needs a little iron or something in the soil :-D

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